The London Improvisers Orchestra is dedicated to free and conducted improvisation.
It draws on a large and shifting pool of improvising musicians from London and beyond,
and plays in London monthly, generally on the first Sunday.

This is an online resource for the London Improvisers Orchestra.
Here you will find information, images, links and sound file downloads,
as well as biographies, catalogues, contact details and news updates for concerts
and releases related to the London Improvisers Orchestra.

"The kind of intensity, excitement, and invention that this ensemble
creates via spontaneous means is unique in New Music circles."
Art Lange, Fanfare

For updates on gigs and current news please go to

In lieu of live gigs we will be putting up material on Bandcamp

Instead of our normal concert on 3rd May we have released an online album.
This album takes its cue from the first conducting signal in the LIO's lexicon of signs,
"hand out flat palm upward: play a sustained sound".
With the musicians confined to their homes the idea was to create an orchestral sample library.
Many LIO members supplied recordings of one minute of sustained sound which
were then used to create the pieces presented here.


For the 7th June gig we will be uploading some new music to bandcamp

'Chain Reaction' - a piece proposed by Caroline Kraabel

Upcoming gigs

5th July - St Marys

2nd August - Iklectik

6th Sept - St Marys

4th Oct - Iklectik

1st Nov - St Marys

6th Dec- Cafe Oto



'Old Paradise Yard' 20 Carlisle Lane,
SE1 7LG London
On the corner of Carlisle Lane + Royal Street.
Doors 8pm
Entry £7/£5


St Mary's Church

Stoke Newington Church St,
Stoke Newington,
N16 9ES
Doors 8pm
Entry £7/£5


Cafe Oto

The Print House,
18-22 Ashwin St,
E8 3DL